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Submitted by jgoffin on Saturday March 09, 2013

The latest Occasional Nugget was recently mailed to subscribers:

Submitted by jgoffin on Thursday February 28, 2013

(See the original post and stay up to date with Special Collections at the Notes for Bibliophiles blog.)

We were very lucky to get a visit last Friday from some exceptional students.

Submitted by jgoffin on Wednesday December 19, 2012

Here's an item that's probably best described as a "multimedia" production:

Submitted by jgoffin on Thursday December 06, 2012

237 years ago today James Macpherson wrote this letter to Gen. Philip Schuyler of the relatively new Continental Army. The purpose of the letter is to request that Shuyler remove him from what was essentially a desk job and let him join the

special collections
Submitted by jgoffin on Tuesday November 27, 2012

I recently received a package containing my very first Kickstarter purchase, the

special collections