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Director of Library Operations


Reporting to the Executive Director, the Associate Director serves as the Director of Library Operations of Providence Public Library and is responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of a professional program of Library Services to the community.  This position has the primary responsibility for the operational implementation of the Strategic Plan.  In the absence of the Library Director the Associate Director serves as the administrative spokesperson for the organization.  He/she is also the person in charge in the Director’s absence.

The Providence Public Library embarked on a new Strategic Plan “Think Again” in 2014, and is in the second year of a three year implementation plan.  The Associate Director will be heavily involved as part of the Team drafting the next three year implementation plan.  “Think Again” focuses on seven major strategies, including making high impact, measurable, user-driven educational programming as the library’s major focus and targeting five key audiences the first three years: teens, downcity residents, the art & design community, workforce development & 21st century literacies, and early childhood.  Please refer to the library’s website for further details (  As part of the initial implementation plan, the library reorganized its infrastructure somewhat effective October 2015.  The Associate Director will be responsible for monitoring and then evaluating those changes, as well as recommending future such changes.

The library is also currently in the first phase of a major renovation of its public spaces and building exterior.  This involves working with the Building Team, the Building Consultant, and the Architects to complete preliminary schematic designs for the renovations by January 2016.  Phase two will be to complete the final plans, bid the project and begin the project by January 2017.  Phase three will be construction/renovation itself, currently estimated to last eight to twelve months.  The Associate Director will be heavily involved in all phases, and also ensuring good library services during the construction process, as it is anticipated the library will remain open for the majority of that time.


The Associate Director has five direct reports:  Head Curator of Collections, Director of Technology and Information Services, the Director of Education, the Director of Facilities, and the Senior HR Administrator.  In the absence of a Director, i.e. awaiting a new hire, the AD will manage that department.  Furthermore, the library achieves much of its operational planning through a work committee structure, and therefore there is a great deal of interaction amongst all staff in all departments.  The AD works closely with those Directors and other department heads and staff to analyze all aspects of these services and to develop and implement appropriate policies and procedures to provide the best possible service within the parameters of the library’s resources and the current Strategic Plan. 

The Associate Director serves as the primary liaison to other libraries.  This includes Ocean State Libraries, CRIARL, and other library groups whose purposes relates primarily to library research and/or services.  


●     The Associate Director serves as the Administrator for Human Resources, specifically in relationship to personnel management.  (Finance Director serves as the Administrator for HR Benefits).  

●     The AD is the primary administrator for union negotiations and serves as one of the representatives to the Labor Management Committee.

●     The AD hires and supervises a staff of professional librarians, managers and support staff to operate the Library and provide library service.  This includes regular individual Director meetings, department head meetings, workgroup committee meetings, and other meetings as necessary.

●     The AD plans for, encourages, and monitors professional development opportunities for all staff.

●     The AD works closely with the Senior HR Administrator to ensure proper management of personnel records, filings, payroll, and step increases when reinstituted.

●     The AD is scheduled to explore and implement a performance evaluation system sometime in 2016. 

●     In the absence of a Volunteer Coordinator, the AD and the Senior HR Administrator will serve to coordinate the use of volunteers and interns through Directors and Department managers.


●     The Associate Director is responsible for planning, organizing, and directing all service operations of the Providence Public Library.  This includes analyzing the need for library services and preparing and recommending a plan of service to the Executive Library Director and the Board of Trustees. 

●     The AD works with staff to draft annual departmental work plans, monitors progress, demonstrates continuous evaluation methods.

●     The AD participates in outreach and establishing partnerships as appropriate, primarily by working through individual departments and dept. heads.   It is expected the Library Director and Director of Development will continue to establish and nurture major partnerships on a broad level, but the AD will work to implement the partnerships operationally.

●     Works closely with Facilities Director in areas impacting patron services and staff.

●     Works closely with Library Security to ensure safety of patrons and staff. 

●     Works with staff re: patrons with problems and problem patrons.


●     The Associate Director establishes appropriate policies, procedures and systems; and has ultimate responsibility for the expenditure of library materials funding.

●     The AD participates with the Executive Director and Finance Director to prepare a comprehensive annual budget for the library.  This may include working with departments to prepare departmental budgets as well.

●     The AD identifies appropriate grant opportunities to the Director of Development and Grant Writer, as well as Directors and Department managers.  The AD also works with the Foundation Office to help with departmental information gathering for grants and for gathering information for grant reporting.

●     The AD assists the Foundation Office with donor and other fundraising as assigned.


●     The Associate Director reports to the Executive Library Director but is expected to work independently. He or she may work closely with Trustees, both individually and as a group, as may be appropriate; and frequent communication on appropriate matters is expected.  Formal reports to the board or committees thereof are made at regularly scheduled meetings as necessary.

●     The AD prepares periodic reports of Library activities, achievements and needs for the Board, for funding authorities, and for other groups/individuals as appropriate.


Ability to plan, organize and administer a public library system.

Extensive knowledge of management principles and practices, preferably in a public library setting, including all aspects of nonprofit administration and management.

Knowledge of the basic Human Resources personnel management, i.e. experience in a union environment and experience with performance evaluations.

Clear understanding of the mission of the public library and public library services.

Knowledge of current library technology applications.

Ability to recruit, train, motivate and supervise employees, including the ability to develop and lead a staff of professional librarians.

Ability to successfully guide a large library organization through technological, social and economic changes.

Ability to present ideas effectively, orally and in writing, in English.

Ability to participate in social media campaigns and social media marketing, as appropriate.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff, trustees, other librarians, and elected and appointed officials of local and state governments.

Knowledge of renovation/construction highly desired. 


MLS degree from an ALA accredited library school or its equivalent in the education, nonprofit, or public administration field.

At least five years of progressively successful experience in professional library services with a record of achievement; five years of successful supervisory/administrative experience. A combination of experience and education may be substituted.

HOURS:    37 ½ hours per week – Full time

SALARY:  Minimum $85,000 - plus benefits

Preference will be given to resumés received by October 23, 2015


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