Jackhammering for 3-story Atrium Stair

Construction Gallery

Construction on the historic $25 million transformation of our 1954 Empire Street building began in September 2018 and completed in May 2020.

Our goal is to remake the Library into a light-filled, welcoming, easily navigable, state-of-the-art learning place. Here we share images of our progress. Learn more about our THINK AGAIN renovation and how you can support it.

Buttoning up for winter and starting the finishing touches

We're all ready on the outside for the harsh winter weather and have moved inside to start with the finishing touches. Let the coloring begin...!

Lighting things up, inside and out

We're starting to add some shine to our new spaces inside as well as some all-new lighting to the exteriors of our buildings.

Building Our New Three-story Atrium Staircase

Our new Atrium Staircase will greet visitors and take them all the way up to the third floor and a newly-opened corridor connecting to our 1900 building and our Grand Marble Staircase on Washington Street.

Our New Info Services Desk Going Up

We will have a new combined Info Services Desk where you can come to check out books and ask questions, just at the top of our main staircase.

Walls Are Going Up...

Walls are going up throughout our newly built spaces...and this is a good thing. Everywhere we turn, we are beginning to see rooms taking shape!

Sparkling New Wonderful Windows

From the gleaming new stack windows letting the light in and showing off our stacks, to the glass walls going up in our Workshop, Teen Loft and other spaces, to the expanded windows along Empire Street, we will be lighter and brighter throughout!

Special Collections Space Makeover

Now that Special Collections has moved to its new, environmentally controlled and secure space, the old space is getting a makeover! Of course, our murals (circa 1935) will remain.

New Washington Street Window Cut

We're cutting a brand new window on the back side of our Empire Street building, which will enable the first-ever view of our historic 1900 building from Washington and Empire Streets.

New Atrium Staircase Installation Begins

OUR new three-story atrium staircase installation has begun...with the first portion hoisted into place between the second and third floors. The staircase will be installed in portions over the coming weeks.

Special Collections Move

OUT OF THE OLD and INTO THE NEW! Our Special Collections are moved into their new home, their environmentally controlled stacks! Special thanks to everyone at William B. Meyer for going above and beyond with us on this one!

First Floor Beam Cut

Making way for the three-story Atrium Staircase.

Workshop Progress

Work in our Workshop on the Ground Level is moving along. Walls going up, ceilings are getting painted, rooms finished and glass in place.

Books Returned to Stacks

Our books are coming back and will be accessible soon...by August! The stacks are getting brightened up with new windows, paint, lighting and floor. You will also be able to search the catalog from the stacks.

New Teen Loft

Additional spaces inside include a new Teen Loft, a place specially designed for young people to gather, engage and learn.

Empire Repair Work, Washing and New Windows

New energy-efficient windows and repair of the building's metal structure and limestone facade are part of the external building upgrades. Extended windows will let more light in!

New Windows on Book Stack Building

Our book stack building on Fountain Street has beautiful new windows, allowing light in where people will be able to read and study spaces among the books.

Third Floor Jackhammering

Jackhammering on the third floor outside of the Auditorium to make way for our new three-story Atrium Stairway.

Empire Granite Cut

Our windows on Empire Street will be lengthened allowing better viewability and more light.

Auditorium Concrete Pour

Our third-floor Auditorium will be completely upgraded and made ADA compliant.

New Views Exposed

We'll be having some new views from hidden windows and old walls being re-exposed throughout the finished project!

Rooftop Equipment Delivery

Our building will be made more energy efficient with new air handling systems.