PPL Alum Dory

I was always curious about learning how things people use on phones and PCs were created. I started teaching myself coding by watching YouTube videos and through coding websites such as Codecademy. Then I started to look for local coding classes and I stumbled upon an ACN course called Rhode Coders 2.0. There I was able to increase my web development and critical thinking skills. I was also able to test out all the skills that I have developed and see how they work in the real world. One of the first things I created after taking this course was a web page for my History class project. It is a presentation of the earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010. The teachers and students loved it because it was unique, and I got to apply the skills I learned to something I created from scratch. It’s like doing magic without being a magician!

At PPL I met Don, the instructor of Rhode Coders 2.0. He took his time to make sure that everyone understood the topic clearly and he made the class fun by playing fun problem-solving games at the beginning of it. He always told me to reach out to him via email if I ever needed help with my projects.

Now I find myself learning even more advanced programming languages such as Java and C#. I created my first app that received over 10,000 downloads. I felt overwhelmed seeing these numbers increase like this on something I created just to test out my skills at that time. I also like video game development and find myself going back and forth between apps and games development. My upcoming project is a 2D endless runner game that is being created with Unity. The game is about the two top YouTube channels in the world that are competing for the number one spot on YouTube. I have even more ideas for the game but hope that I can add these features in updates after the game is released.

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