My story with PPL goes back a few years. I was in middle school and looking for ACN courses to take…when I saw the HTML course at PPL, I decided to go for it. Then I took courses in JavaScript and Python. I came back and I did a Data Analytics course, and a computer hardware course. I took nearly every course that the Library had to offer and the new ones that they created. And I feel like it’s just been a great experience and I’ve got to meet so many people, learn new skills and it’s just overall been an amazing time.

After I took all the courses offered, the teachers at PPL reached out and asked if I would like to be a teaching assistant for the next course. I was in, absolutely! I set up the classroom and taught alongside the instructor…I was able to really connect with the students and my peers and learn so much. I also made new connections and support systems and groups. So, I know, in case I need any advice, mentorship, now I have that.

The opportunity I’ve had as a teaching assistant and my experience with PPL is something I don’t think I would be able to get anywhere else and I think that the information and what I’ve learned from PPL I can transfer into the real world.

I feel the public library is so deeply important. Libraries really provide you with different experiences and information that you might not have access to. I really find it amazing and fascinating that all of this is just open to the public.

Definitely my time here isn’t over, but from what I’ve gotten so far…everything from resumé help, to financial help and financial literacy, and just so much information and different skills that I will be able to apply into the real world. With all the coding courses I’ve taken, I’ve been really inspired…maybe for a path that I want to pursue. I can definitely use all the coding skills that I’ve learned especially as I look to college.

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