Fareed Al Haddad

PPL Alum Fareed Al Haddad

I am from Syria and have a Diploma in Statistics from Damascus University and a Certificate in Administrative Management from the Institute of International Research.  I’ve attended both English, and Citizenship RIFLI classes at William Hall Library in Cranston.  I heard about the class from my sister and her husband who were already attending when I joined. I joined the classes for many reasons: to improve my English by learning it from expert teachers; to get familiar with U.S. history in preparation for the U.S. citizenship exam; and for networking with library staff and students.

The classes were great. They were very useful to me, very informative and I enjoyed every moment.  The new resume we did in class impacted my search for employment positively, and I was hired in June 2018.  Overall it was great experience.  My teachers became my friends, and we had a few social events in class where we all participated in activities that improved our communication skills. I’ve met classmates from different parts of the world including my home country.

I understand that most of us want to simply open their eyes in the morning and find their dreams come true. But unfortunately, it is not how it works. To learn English and to get American citizenship means a lot of patience, especially when you are a certain age. The teachers, the library staff and administrators were very aware of these aspects and how hard it is on people like us who were forced to leave their countries and start all over again from scratch. I want to thank you all for all your support and efforts to walk us step by step through our dreams and being a part of the community. I want to thank the state officials for supporting these programs, as it has an unbelievable impact on every student. I know that from my own and my family’s experience. God bless you all.

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