Helen - PPL Alum

I’m a student at the Providence Public Library. I take the coding classes here. I usually come to PPL to study and to also just hang out with my friends and to get help on schoolwork. The people here have helped me a lot through my high school years and particularly through the college application process.

They helped connect me to so many opportunities…like the coding classes and more. I would have never thought to pursue coding as a career, and now I’m going to major in computer engineering, so I think that’s cool.

I think the Library is so important and it’s literally for everyone. I don’t think you find a lot of the opportunities like what’s available at PPL at other organizations or you might not know about them. The people here and especially in the Teen Loft form a great team. They work really hard to help everyone, no matter what they’re needing.

I know that PPL and its resources are also based on donations and people supporting what goes on here. So when I grow older, I want to be able to give back so others will be helped as I was on my journey.

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