Ingrid Mejia

Ingrid Mejia - PPL Alum

Editor note: Ingrid shared her story and gratitude at the closing celebration for the 12-week Microsoft Excel Work Readiness Pathway for English Language Learners pilot program at PPL, funded by the RI Department of Labor & Training and the RI Department of Education. The program is also part of the RI SNAP Employment & Training program, administered by LISC RI, and received support from RI Reconnect, an initiative of the RI Office of the Postsecondary Commissioner.

I would like to share with you my experience with the Excel training at Providence Public Library. I stand before you today, not just as an individual, but as a product of a community that values empowerment and growth. My journey through the Excel training at PPL has been nothing short of transformative, and I am eager to express my gratitude to the RI Labor & Training Department, the dedicated instructors, and the remarkable individuals who made this experience possible.

I give a heartfelt thank you to the Labor & Training Department for recognizing the importance of equipping individuals with essential skills. Their commitment to cultivating education and professional development is the cornerstone of countless success stories, mine included.

I want to extend my deepest appreciation to our program instructors, who selflessly dedicated their time and expertise to ensure that each of us not only learned, but thrived in the world of Excel. Their patience, guidance, and passion for teaching have left a mark on our journey toward success.

A special mention goes to Siyamala, Sen, and Betty, the driving forces behind the scenes. Their tireless efforts and dedication, even beyond regular business hours, have created an environment conducive to learning and growth. It is their commitment that has transformed the Excel training program into a beacon of opportunity for all who seek it.

The provision of computers and supplies was not just a logistical support, but a symbol of investment in our future. As we move forward, let us carry the torch of knowledge ignited. In closing, I want to express my gratitude for the holistic support provided by Providence Public Library, the Labor & Training Department, the instructors, who illuminate the paths of those who follow. Together, we can build a community with the necessary skills, preparing us for the challenges that lie ahead in the job market.

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