Mark B. Kelley

PPL Alum Mark Kelley

I first visited PPL to perform research at the Nicholson Whaling Collection as a PhD candidate at the University of California – San Diego. I have since visited PPL on three research trips. PPL’s manuscripts and artifacts have been instrumental for my completed dissertation and ongoing book project, “Sentimental Seamen: Feeling Bodies in an American Age of Sail.”  Jordan Goffin, Head Curator of Collections, and Angela DiVeglia, Curatorial Assistant, always make my visits to PPL both productive and enjoyable.

From the moment I entered special collections, they have helped guide my project as well as provide great ice cream recommendations in Providence! I have been fortunate enough to work in special collections libraries and museums across the world. Providence Public remains my favorite place to work due to the strength of its collections, its beautiful architecture, and the warmness of its staff. I look forward to when I can return to PPL!

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