Moises Lopez

PPL Alum Moises Lopez

I’m from Vargas, Venezuela. I finished high school just before I got to the U.S.

I went to the Pawtucket Public Library and attended the RIFLI Transition to College classes. A spokesperson from the TTC program went to an ESL class I was attending at Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI), and since I was planning to go college eventually, I decided to attend the program.

I attended classes for approximately 6 months. The classes involved a lot of talking and participation from every student, and as an immigrant, it is always helpful to gain confidence while talking and writing English.

It was a very fruitful and pleasant experience. My fellow students were all very friendly and our instructor was very caring. It felt like we were family! I left the program to pursue a Computer Programming degree at CCRI. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone looking to improve their English and/or gain enough confidence to pursue a job or a degree!

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