Nancy Cole Marion

PPL Alum Nancy Cole Marion

I grew up in Warwick, RI, so I used PPL for reading and research. In 2014, I wrote a book for my family based on my mom’s 1929 diary. I was in contact with Kate Wells (of PPL’s Rhode Island Collection) and she was able to procure two 1929 articles and pictures for me based on my mom’s diary.

Kate was kind, competent, and enthusiastic about my homemade book on my mom’s 1929 diary. I live in Colorado now, so our contact was via email. She was extremely helpful with my project.

I was born into a “library loving” family and have continued that love throughout my life. In Colorado, I volunteer at our local library organizing and presenting storytime for preschoolers. Growing up in Warwick, RI, we used PPL until the Warwick Public Library opened. I volunteered at that time to cover books for the new Warwick library. A fellow classmate and I set a record for the number of books covered in one day! A library patron forever!

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