PPL Alum Sophie

Going Vegetarian

“Alright everyone, I’m going to release the chicks. If they try to escape the blue mat, cup your hands around the edges like this,” the lady from Casey Farms demonstrated by making a wall with her hands around the sides of the mat. “Awwww,” everyone sighed as the chicks came out, tripping over each other. “Now I’m going to come around and put some food in each of your hands,” she explained. “Cup your hands together so I can put the food in them,” as she came around, dropping a pinch of food in everyone’s hands.

A few chicks came up and pecked the at the food in my hand. “They’re so cute!” my sister, Amelia squealed. She was right. Some were black, and the other half were brown and red-ish. They were tiny little things with fuzzy feathers coming out of them in every direction. After all my food was gone, the lady showed us what to do if we wanted to hold the chicks. “First, rub your hands together quickly because they need your body warmth. Then, cup your hands together and make a little hole for them,” she explained. I did what she asked and picked a chick up. It fidgeted in my hands for a little bit, but then it calmed down and got comfortable. The chick was black (which I learned was a Dominique hen), and very soft. It closed its eyes, and its breathing started steadying. Soon enough, the chick was asleep, and it stayed that way for a good 10 minutes!

After the Family Learning Sunday [at PPL] was over, my mother, my sister, and I went outside to get into the car.  Amelia rambled on about how cute the chicks were and how she wanted one of her own. “What are we having for dinner tonight?” I asked my mother. “Chicken,” she replied. I stared at her, horrified. I made a decision and declared to her, “I’m going vegetarian!”

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