William Rebello

PPL Alum Bill Rebello

I am a certified IT Project Manager and attended PPL’s Rhode Coders Java Training sessions so I could better understand coding as a way to improve my project management success when leading software projects.  The teacher (Don) was/is outstanding and takes the time to be sure everyone has a clear fundamental understanding of the topic.  The class provided me with new friends and the education I needed.  When Don announced a Data Analytics primer class starting up it seemed to me that there was a clear correlation between the practical application of data analytics and project management.  Don made the class very interesting, challenging and fun.

Following this class, I am continuing to work on expanding my education in data analytics along with other friends I met in the class.  A group of us from the class continue to meet.  The Library continues to support our education by providing space for our weekly meetings and allowing us to tap into Don’s help when needed.  The classes have undoubtedly raised my education level, boosted my resume, and helped me develop new friendships.  I will always be grateful to Don for his outstanding teaching and to PPL.

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