PPL Alum Yaen Torres

I came to Providence Public Library to enhance my skills in web development through an ACN program called Rhode Coders 2.0,  but I also got other things from this program, like making a new friend who has the same interest as me and enhancing my communication skills by helping others and solving problems with them. I also met Don, who taught me a lot of new things and helps me via email when I need help with a project at home.

At PPL I improved my problem-solving skills, communication skills, and learned how to code websites with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

I believe that PPL has had a big impact on me because it taught me how to program websites, problem solve, communicate, and teach others. When I first entered this program, I did not know much about web development. I only knew a little bit about how to do simple things, but I learned many new things that got me so excited about coding that I stayed up at home working on my projects because it is fun to be able to create things virtually. I also did not really think about the different ways you could solve problems, but through my time in Rhode Coders 2.0, I enhanced my problem-solving skills. Don gave us lateral thinking puzzles which caused us to think critically in every class.  These puzzles not only got me to think critically but also got me to communicate with other students, which accelerated the time it took to solve these puzzles by working together.  This semester I was asked to be an assistant teacher, which I proudly accepted. I am now back in Rhode Coders and get to teach other students how to code, and since I know Spanish I am able to teach students who do not fully know English, which makes me proud to know Spanish.

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