Academy of the Sacred Heart Postcard
This Used To Be A School
The large plot of land bordered by Smith Street, Wyndham Avenue, and Pleasant Valley Parkway has been built up heavily over the past 45 years, the rolling green lawns and forested glades replaced with siding-sheathed condominiums and a sprawling senior living community. In the mid-19th century, the neighborhood was home to Dr. William Grosvenor, whose "Elmhurst" estate included a distinctive Gothic Revival building on nearly 30 acres of land, surrounded by tall elm trees; in 1872, it became the home of Elmhurst Academy of the Sacred Heart, a Catholic school for young women.
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Anthony R. Greenʼs Story

When I started taking piano lessons in 1994, I walked from Doyle Avenue (where I grew up) to Rochambeau (where my piano teacher taught) every week.   Before and after the lesson, I would spend time at the Rochambeau Branch library.  In fact, I learned about this piano teacher on Rochambeau from a friendly stranger-turned-high-school friend ...

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