A poster for the film "Hi, Neighbor"

Online Documentaries Focusing On Providence’s Fox Point Cape Verdean Community Now Accessible To PPL Patrons Through Kanopy

July 20, 2017

Providence Public Library (PPL) is pleased to announce that Kanopy, a streaming video service making quality educational content available to public libraries and educational institutions, is providing free access to PPL patrons (must have a PPL library card) for one year to the SPIA Media Productions, Inc., online collection that focuses on the history of Providence’s Fox Point Cape Verdean community.

PPL and local community partners, educational institutions, teachers, and organizations are working together with Kanopy on this pilot project. This project aims to facilitate access to online content, expand opportunities for learning using digital platforms, and to create curriculum, digital ‘mapping’ and walking tours, as well as workshops on digital storytelling in conjunction with the collections and resources at PPL that highlight the rich diversity of Providence, our communities and history.

Sign up here to access and watch the films for free with your PPL Library card: https://ppl.kanopystreaming.com For more information about these films, please visit http://spiamedia.com/.