Context & Conversation, with Trinity Rep

New Program Series Strives to Cultivate Participatory Public Conversations Inspired by Ideas and Themes in Stage Works

Neighbors at the corner of Empire and Washington Streets for many decades, Providence Public Library (PPL) and Trinity Repertory Company are joining forces to present a new program series, Context & Conversation, cultivating participatory public conversations inspired by ideas and themes found in the works featured on Trinity Rep’s stage and helping to locate those ideas and themes in our own community. These public conversations, which are free and open to the public, are collaboratively curated by Christina Bevilacqua, PPL’s Programs & Exhibitions Director and Trinity Rep’s Conversationalist-in-Residence, and Michelle Cruz, Trinity Rep’s Director of Community Engagement.

Each event in the series is hosted by a different partner whose work resonates with the themes of the play currently on stage at Trinity Rep, and for each one a mix of artists, scholars, and community practitioners are invited to consider how and where these themes find resonance in our own community. While inspired by the plays, these programs do not depend on them, so anyone in the general public, whether a theater-goer or not, can attend the conversations and find meaningful content.

Both PPL and Trinity Rep have long served as sites dedicated to cultural interaction and consideration of ideas, so teaming up to create new opportunities for bringing people together to share experiences and dialogue made sense to the leadership at both organizations.

THE 2019-20 SEASON

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