RI Tableau User Group Kicks Off at PPL

January 9, 2019

Providence Public Library (PPL) proudly kicked off the Rhode Island Tableau User Group (RITUG), a new initiative to support the growing community of Tableau (Data Analytics Application) users. Joined by CVS Health as our meeting sponsor, about 75 data analysts from Rhode Island and nearby southeastern New England companies and organizations assembled to hear from Tableau Zen Master Jonathan Drummey.

The purpose of RITUG, which will hold quarterly meetings at PPL, is to share knowledge, build skills, and connect with other Tableau users in Rhode Island and the surrounding area. RITUG will also host free Tableau community service projects — an opportunity to both skill-build and give back. The group is open to all, whether students of data analysis or a wizard. RITUG has been endorsed by Tableau as an official Tableau User Group — the only one in Rhode Island — and will be facilitated by experienced project manager Bill Rebello and PPL’s lead technology instructor Don Gregory.

PPL’s goal with RITUG is to make Rhode Island the region’s leader in data analytics education. PPL’s desire to spearhead RITUG correlates directly with our mission to engage learners, inspire thinkers, and connect diverse communities and with our investment in and commitment to technology education and workforce development programming. Sponsorship opportunities are available to local businesses.