Meet Walker, Portals’ Creative Fellow

January 11, 2016

The Special Collections Creative Fellowship is awarded annually to an artist, musician, designer, or performer, providing funding for active research in the Providence Public Library’s unique, historical Special Collections, as well as the creation of a new creative, social, or scholarly product that contributes to the intellectual life of the library and the vibrancy of our annual exhibition and events series.

The 2016 Fellowship was awarded to Walker Mettling for Portals. Walker is a local artist and member of the Providence Comics Consortium. An unquestionable creative fellow, he has created books of stories, trading cards, T-shirts, 36 foot long school buses, and state-wide library tours!

Walker will use inspiration from PPL Special Collections materials to produce comics and illustrations related to the exhibition theme of futurism, as well as to curate an exhibit-related project involving other local artists and designers.