PPL Alum Badhan

I originally came to PPL to learn how to code. But on top of learning coding (HTML & CSS, JavaScript and some Python), I have also been able to establish new connections and friendships, become much more social, learned valuable data analytics skills (Excel & Tableau)!

I’ve been in Rhode Coders and Data Navigators classes, the Data for Good summer employment program, and I have helped develop the Manga collection.

When I started, I was very shy. I did not want to talk to people much. However, after every class I started talking to more and more people. It became to the point where I can go up to strangers and talk to them and make friends.

I got my first job from PPL! It was a great experience. I learned about finances, worker rights, and on top of that, I got to retake Data Analytics and helped a few organizations while getting paid for it. While helping develop the Manga collection, I was able to understand how libraries work. It’s not about collecting random books, but actually about what the people want to read.

Before this, I just thought libraries collected everything and we just pick something we need. This is not how it works. I’ve learned that we basically choose what the Library takes in!

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