Beverly Robertson

PPPL Alum Beverly Robertson

I have always liked art, but my passion is design, and my poetry took me by surprise. As a child, inspiration came from coloring books, and in my adolescence, my parents, teachers and mentors encouraged me to develop my potential and talents, motivating me in the right direction to become an artist, poet and designer.

Making art challenges me to figure out what I want to express and how I want to express it in just the right ways. Mistakes are sometimes happy accidents, and I am finding all kinds of different ways to express my ideas about art.

I know that life is hard and, through my art, I want everyone to know that struggles are ground-breaking roots! With hard work and planning, everyone can leave a mark. I strive for my artwork to leave its mark on the viewer.

I visit PPL regularly. I visited the Library’s Learning Lounge recently to write my bio for an exhibit and gallery opening that I had at the Providence City Hall.

I finished my bio, with the support of Lina Bravo and Janet Isserlis, and I am using it to promote my work, not only in galleries but also using social media. My objective is to enter into the card stationary business, as well as to inspire and encourage other people to pursue their artistic goals and dreams, as I have.

All the PPL staff have been really friendly and helpful.

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