Christian Mignacca

PPL Alum Christian Mignacca

When the right opportunity presents itself, you just know it.  This is how it was for me when I saw a Facebook post promoting PPL’s Rhode Coders Clubs.

Coding was always something of interest to me; I just wasn’t sure if it would be a fit.  Turns out it was!  I grew up loving video games but didn’t know if working in the world of computers and coding would mean I’d come to hate what I love doing in my free time.  But I found the path I was destined to travel and haven’t looked back since.  I finally found what my brain was designed to do!

I credit PPL Rhode Coders creator and instructor Don Gregory for inspiring me to keep striving and getting better.  I wish every teacher was like him.  He sucks you in with his passion and interest.  After excelling in and completing the 10-week Rhode Coders “exploratory adventure,” I was able to successfully enroll (along with 7 other PPL Rhode Coders!) in the flagship class of the highly competitive 13-week General Assembly Web Development Immersive training.

Designed in partnership with TechHire RI, the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training and other innovative companies in the state, its aim was to prepare 25 Rhode Islanders with in-demand tech skills to compete for full-time, well-paying tech jobs upon graduation.

The PPL Rhode Coders program made it all possible for me.  Looking ahead, I’m confident I will land a great tech job.  I would love to stay in Rhode Island and also to have the chance someday to teach a class like the ones I’ve been fortunate to take.

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