The Library held an introductory data analysis class called Data Navigators. I wasn’t sure I’d like the few clubs in my school so I signed up for the class on ACN.

In Data Navigators, I became more familiar with Excel and Tableau and learned how to clean, visualize, and analyze data. The class also involved a lot of communication, which helped me to become more confident in interacting with people I wasn’t familiar with. I really enjoyed the course so I applied and got the summer job: Teen Data for Good. Throughout the class and job, I earned digital badges, which are helpful to include in your resume.

PPL is an open-minded and friendly place. I always felt like I could relax and learn from my mistakes as everyone was very understanding and patient. The data class there helped me to become more confident in my abilities and improved my preparedness for the workforce with workshops on resume-building, etc. The class also helped foster my interest in statistics, which I am currently taking a class on in school.

Kate and Mireille put a lot of love into the teen programs, and Dexter is a great instructor, who is always patient in explaining a concept again. I’m not good with expressing myself in words, but I really appreciate the work they do and think they’re awesome.

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