Claudia Vargas-El Khatib

Claudia Vargas

I came to Providence after living in France for six years.  I was a child psychologist in my native Venezuela.  I had always studied human behavior and didn’t really have any technical skills.  Here, I had ideas about what I might like to do, but I needed the skills.  I never had access to a library like PPL in the past.  The Library here is such a great place at the center of the community, helping people learn and get experiences to advance.  The PVD Hackathon last year and the Rhode Coders program at PPL have literally changed my life.

These experiences helped me learn so much about myself and what I want to do in life.  I never thought I had the skills to be successful in something like coding or web development, but it turns out I do!  I am so grateful for these opportunities.  Now, I am looking forward to getting a job as a web developer and to continue learning…and perhaps even contribute in some way to “pay it forward” in the web community.

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