Finan Gammell

Finan Gammell

I came to PPL through ACN, for the Rhode Coders 2.0 JavaScript class. I loved the program and have enrolled and gotten involved in numerous other PPL opportunities.

Through the Library, I have learned how to code in several different languages and I am now familiar with the fundamentals of data analysis and data visualization. The skills I have attained are practical, and can be readily applied to future careers. Also, I have grown personally, becoming a more vocal leader and more passionate about pursuing my extracurricular interests.

PPL has served as an outlet in my pursuit of potential interests. With the Library’s programs and focus on workforce development, I have attained high-demand skills that are readily applicable to current professional settings. The librarians and teen educators truly care about our well-being. They are always finding/creating new opportunities for personal and academic growth.

I sincerely appreciate the resources and opportunities provided by the Library. From stipends, to education, to job opportunities, I have been able to achieve and grow so much more than I ever could have in its absence. I would highly encourage others to explore what the Library has to offer. There is truly something for everyone!

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