I originally signed up for the Teen Squad: My City, My Place Summer Employment program last summer at PPL because I love to read and because when I was younger I used to come here with my family. When I signed up, I thought we’d be organizing books and stuff. Though we weren’t organizing books, I had a really great experience. This year has been even better. I’ve met friends, I’ve earned a paycheck, this year the program provided lunch, I also have a great partner for my project this year, and Youth Educator Kate Aubin keeps everyone engaged and interested in what’s going on.

Over the past two summers, I’ve learned about work environments, how to dress for work, how to engage with coworkers, and also some of the more technical aspects of things like resume writing, interviewing for jobs, and some of the laws that exist for employees. One of the biggest things I learned about myself in the My City, My Place summer employment program is that I’m really good at public speaking. Last year, when I did my presentation my dad was so proud of me. I actually want to be a teacher when I’m older so it’s even better for me to be a good public speaker. My favorite English teacher always says it’s hard to speak in front of a group of people, but for me, I think if I keep practicing public speaking when I do become a teacher, it will really help. PPL and the My City, My Place summer employment program taught me a lot of valuable skills and really helped me to discover that public speaking is something I’m good at.

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