Olga Perez

Olga Perez

I came to PPL to study for American citizenship because my sister had come to take the classes and I found more than what I was looking for with the people I met!

I achieved what I wanted and learned so much about citizenship. Thanks to everyone there, I passed my exam and today I can say that I am an American citizen! I am very happy and grateful to all my teachers — they have so much love, patience and kindness. When I entered the classes, my English was not even basic and with the their help, I also was able to learn more English. Eva — with her charming smile, and Cindy always with her nice words. Mary with her love of teaching. Katherine is so kind and Dave with such patience. They are such good people. A thousand thanks to them and for giving me the opportunity to enter their classes.

Passing my exam is thanks to all of you. With you, I learned many things, and thanks to you, I have achieved my dream of becoming an American citizen. I will never be able to thank you enough for your teaching.

Thank you all so much!

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