Rebecca Rhoads

PPL Alum Rebecca Rhoads

I came to PPL for two separate reasons, but first, I wanted to learn how to program.

I started off unemployed and without much hope.  I took the HTML/CSS class with Don Gregory, and he opened up a whole new world to me.  He encouraged me to take the Data Navigators class and the JavaScript class, which I did.  He told me about many programs offered by the state and now I am much more educated and hopeful about my future!  Thank you, PPL and Don for providing the advanced Tech workshops!  Don is amazing!  Also, reference librarian Ann Poulos helped me two times with research.  She made me feel welcome and sat down with me for a full hour to help me.  Thank you so much!

The classes offered at the Library are extremely valuable.  Unfortunately, it is hard to quantify the value of someone’s feeling of self-worth, or the value of making connections and friendships. PPL and Don’s tech classes provided those extremely valuable things to me.  Thank you.

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