Taylor Jones

PPL Alum Taylor Jones

I came to PPL curious about data visualization and information design. With a degree in design, I wanted to explore other design mediums that suited both my creative and analytical sides. From my initial research, it seemed like this could be a good fit for me, but there’s nothing like trying it out first hand! Which I was able to do through the Tableau Learning Circle hosted by PPL.

I’ve been able to accomplish so much because of technology classes taken at the Library and relationships developed with PPL staff. I have learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Tableau, data analytics skills and a more advanced skill set in Excel. I’ve been able to strengthen these skills by teaching them to adults in the Library’s Rhode Coders and Data Navigators programs. I was also able to transition to a new role in my company. I was able to use Tableau for certain projects at work, which ultimately led to a new position being developed for me as a Data and Reporting Specialist. Within less than a year and a half, I went from curious about data visualization to having a job in the field!

I came to the Library for a Tableau Learning Circle in April of 2018, where I met Bill Rebello, an alumnus of the Data Navigators course. He introduced me to Don Gregory (the unofficial “Data King of RI”) who let me sit in on the rest of their Tableau courses. After finishing the class, I took it again to get the Excel and analytics material. This led me to want to try my hand at coding, which led me to take both Rhode Coders classes (HTML/CSS & JavaScript). After taking those courses, I started to help teach Data Navigators and then HTML/CSS. I’ve also become a member of the PPL Friends Committee.

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