Rising sea levels, Hurricanes and Universal basic income, Oh My!

March 21, 2016

What will Providence be like in 35 years? Will we finally be driving flying cars by then? Will the Bank of America building have a tenant? Will people still be complaining about the lack of parking downcity? Quite possibly these questions, and many more deeper ones, will be discussed at the launch celebration of the audio project Providence 2050: Visualizing Tomorrow.

We are hosting a special Empire Club on April 4 to dive into the ways Providence may transform over the next few decades. Project participants Aarin Clemons, Morgan Grefe, Adrienne Gagnon and Andy Posner will be join Kate Wells, PPL’s RI Collection Librarian and Providence 2050 creator, in an exciting an thoughtful conversation about the two main themes that emerged from the interviews; Innovation: Providence as a place to take risks and Inclusion: Providence as a place that celebrates social justice.

This short clip from curator, teacher and poet Kate Schapira makes some bold claims about what our city’s future may be like. Do you agree with her vision of the future? How do you envision the Creative Capital in the future?