PPL Conservators

Candy Adriance
Tom Ahern
Hope Alswang and Henry Joyce
Patricia Andreu and Sergio Gonzalez
Angela Ankoma
Stephen and Hazel Ashworth
Claude Michelle Aubourg
Eric Rietveld and Nicholas Autiello
Christina Bevilacqua
Leon and Karen Boghossian
James Brayton Hall
Tammy Brown
Thomas and Antonia Bryson
Kathy Bullard
Vincent and Linda Buonanno
Joan M. Caine
Rick W. Campbell
Carolyn Castro
Ned and Christine Capozzi
Arnold B. Chace, Jr.
Erin Chace
Richard* and Inge Chafee
Philip Chan
Catherine Channell
Joseph A. Chazan
Kate and Arthur Chute
Lisa Churchville and Alex Carlin
Samuel C. Coale
Joel Cohen and Andrea Toon
Ellen Collis
Michael Costa
JP Couture
Laina and Kevin Crowthers
Randy D'Antuono and Buck Asprinio
Karen Davidson
Geoff and Lisa Davis
Nick Debs
Elizabeth A. Debs
Lisa DeCubellis
Karen G. DelPonte
Ronald and Delores DeLellis
Lizzy Desibia
James DeRentis and Brett Smiley
Brad and Kim Dimeo
Bob and Rena DiMuccio
Jim Doogan and Denise Ogilvie
Jo Dubiel
Eli Dunn
Robert and Marilyn Edwards
Ryan and Sandra Ellis
Ramiro Encizo
Eric Estes
Jonathan and Ruth Fain
Maia Farish
Pam Faulkner
Roberta Feather and James Hackett
Janet A. Feyler
Nancy J. Fritz
David and Ellen Galkin
Aram and Jane Garabedian
Carol Golden and Stuart Einhorn
Louis Goldman
Maria Goncalves and Joseph Miller
Ellen Gordon Reeves
Philip Gould and Athena Poppas
Cheryl Greenfeld Teverow and Jim Krupanski
Scott Guthery and Mary Cronin
Matthew Guterl and Sandra Latcha
Katharine Hazard Flynn and Larry Flynn
Marlon Henry and Cendhi Arias Henry
Melvin Hershkowitz
Kathleen and Barry Hittner
Ryan and Stacy Hurley
Pat Igoe
Lise Iwon
Peter Heywood and Nancy Jacobs
Susan Jaffe Tane
Ashish Jha
Daniel Kamil and Emily Steffian
Jonathan Keattch and Jacqueline Wilson
Mark Kelley
Billy Kepner and Joe Zappala
David and Susan Kertzer
Janaya Kizzie
Sally Lapides
Kasandra Larsen
Mark A. Lavallee
Tad Lawrence and Vicky Seelen
Beverly Ledbetter
Steve Leonard
Sharon Lloyd Clark
Guy Lombardo*
Fran Loosen
Rodney Eric López and Noni Thomas López
Cathy Lund and Peter Karczmar
Brian MacCracken
Ira and Suzanne Magaziner
Melinda Mailhot
Winn Major and Susan E. Starkweather
Lianne Marshall
Jack Martin and James Murdock
Fred and Tonia Mason
Dorothy R. McCulloch
Hope McCulloch
Olivia B. McCullough
James McDonald
Maureen McDonald
Joseph Meisel
Amy Migdal
Jane and Linton Moulding
Ruth K. Mullen
Tom and Catherine Nicholson
Doug and Kathy O'Brien
David and Marguerite Odeh
Jane O'Farrell and Richard A. Sherman
Gerard and Mary Ann O'Halloran
Mary B. Olenn
Ken Orenstein and Barbara Feibelman
Charles Otto and Carol Grant
Robert Parsons
Kinnari and Jaymin Patel
Kenneth F. Payne
Rene Payne
Claudine Pépin and Rollie Wesen
Heather Picerne
Mark Pompelia and Charles Flora
Edward Levine and Isabella Porter
Kevin Quashie
Alexander Rempis and Jason Viveiros
David Rempis
Deborah T. Rempis
Joan Ress Reeves
Dawn A. Robertson
MJ Robinson
Jonathan and Julie Rousseau
Micah Salkind and Ted McGuire
Leni Salkind
Sundaresan and Vijaya Sambandam
Jacqueline Savoie and Dennis McCool
Larry and Barbara Schoenfeld
Clark Schoettle
Eleanor and Richard Seamans
Henry* and Peggy Sharpe
Jennifer and Jeremy Sherer
Tamar Sherer and Chris Cooper
Edwin F. Sherman and Sheryl Ash
James and Amy Simmons
Meera Simoes
Rosalyn Sinclair
Arun and Barbara Singh
Jillian Siqueland
Robert and Catherine Sloan
Julie Smith
Barbara Sokoloff and Herb Rakatansky
Frank and Jennifer Sousa
Mary C. Speare
Joel and Kate Stark
Christopher and Jennifer Stevens
Zachary Stolz
Martha Stone
Sally Strachan
Shivan and Jyothi Subramaniam
Don and Sheri Sweitzer
Anne and Michael Szostak
Robert and Catherine Taylor
Nate and Emily Taylor
Eric Taylor and Jennifer Barredo
Maureen Taylor and Dexter Strong
William and Donna Templeton
Abigail B. Test
Dale Thompson and Frederick Buhler
Lisa Tortolani
Chiara Trabucchi
Paul Van Zuiden
Deborah Venator
Ellen A. Wagner
Stephen Wagner
Michelle Walker
Magrieta and Sherwood Willard
Raymond L. Willis III and Sally P. McDonald Willis
Joe Wilson, Jr.
Juan and Tina Wilson
Marilyn Woloohojian*
Don and Indira Zambarano
Melvin and Janet Zurier
Samuel and Lauren Zurier

* Deceased