Protected: Type and Lettering from Around the World

The Library has been collecting materials on the history of printing (and particularly typography and lettering) for over a century, and the Updike Collection on the History of Printing now holds material from around the world. In recent years our collecting focus has been on the history of type in Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, which are highlighted in this subject guide (particularly typographic specimen books, listed below). For more information about these and other materials in the collection, please contact Special Collections.

Manuscripts and Ephemera

Guides to Handwriting

  • Manuscript Arabic alphabet practice book, 1860s

Printing Artifacts

In addition to the artifacts listed below, Special Collections is home to Western presses; type cabinets; punches, matrices and type; book binding tools; and more.

  • Two 19th-century Chinese printing wood blocks
  • Seven cuneiform tablets from modern-day Iraq, c. 2,000 BC in Sumerian and Babylonian


  • Silk labels
  • Four Chinese cross-stitch pattern books, produced in China in the 1930s (746.443 C951c/L478c/L478cr/M499cSpecColP Folio)

Linotype Letter Drawings

These drawings were salvaged from the Manchester factory of the Linotype and Machinery Company (the English offshoot of The Mergenthaler Linotype Company).The library purchased a portion of drawings in 2017, focusing particularly on Arabic and Indian language designs.

A full collection guide is coming soon, but for now the following list describes the drawings available:

Box Number Typeface Family Size Variant
8 Arabic 14
11 Arabic (misc) 18dpt
11 Arabic 2 10
11 Arabic 2 18dpt
11 Arabic 2 18dpt
11 Arabic 2 7dpt
11 Arabic 3 10
7 Arabic 3 14
11 Arabic 3 18dpt
11 Arabic 8 18dpt
9 Arabic 8 9dpt
11 Arabic 9 18dpt
7 Arabic 9 9dpt
8 Arabic 10 14
8 Arabic 10 14
10 Arabic 10 14
11 Arabic 10 16dpt
10 Arabic 10 9dpt
9 Arabic 11 14
10 Arabic 11 14
11 Arabic 11 16dpt
9 Arabic Reference 7
11 Arabic sm 24
17 German Reference 9?
17 Greek Reference 9 and 12
17 Greek Reference n/a
13 Gujarati 12
14 Gujarati 12 Bold
14 Gujarati Reference 10
17 Hebrew Reference n/a
7 Lakhdar Ghazal Arabic 12dpt Bold
13 Malayalam 8
12 Malayalam Reference 7
7 Naskh 36 Heading
15 Persian 12dpt Bold
15 Persian 12dpt Light
14 Phonetic Chinese 12
17 Russian Reference 9?
17 Schablone [?] 7 and 9 and 12
semibold [halfbett]
16 Tamil 12 Oblique
16 Tamil Reference 9
12 Telugu 12
13 Urdu 12
12 Urdu Reference 12
5 Adsans 4.75 Bold
5 Bookprint 9 Doric
4 Bookprint 10 Roman
5 Bookprint 10 Doric
3 Experiment 101 14 Roman
3 Experiment 101 14 Italic
6 Experiment 103 30 Roman
6 Experiment 103 36 Roman
3 Jubilee 12 Roman
3 Jubilee 12 Italic
4 Magnus 8 Bold
4 Magnus 12
Bold Italic
1 Pilgrim 8 Italic
1 Pilgrim 8 Roman
2 Pilgrim 9 Italic
2 Pilgrim 10 Italic
2 Pilgrim 12 Italic
4 Plantin 6 Roman
3 Series 329 24 Roman
5 Times Europa 12 Bold

Asian, Arabic and Eastern European Type Specimens

Specimen Call Number Nationality/Writing System Year of Publication Description
H. Berthold Type Foundry. H. Berthold Arabic type specimen. [Place of printing unknown].: H. Berthold, ca. 1925?. Contact Special Collections Arabic 1925 Fourteen leaves, printed on rectos.
The Egyptian Type Foundry. ([Cairo]: [The Egyptian Type Foundry], [193-?]). 655.244 E32e [193-?] SpecColP Arabic 1930s/1940s Twelve leaves of Arabic tyographic specimens printed on rectos. With the stamp of A. Cogan in Jerusalem, later the representative of the Intertype Corporation in Israel.
Աբրոսիոս Գալֆայեան (Նար-Պէյ), e.g. Abrosios Galfayian (Nar-Bey). Հայկական գեղագրութիւն, e.g. Haykakan geghagrut’iwn [Armenian Calligraphy]. Paris: self-published, 1855. Contact Special Collections Armenian 1855 22 leaves. Created and published while Galfayian lived in Paris, where he worked as a priest, teacher, and scholarI in 1855, it won the Gold Medal at the Exposition Universelle of 1855. In spite of the “Paris” imprint” the title leaf contains information in Russian stating that the book was printed in Moscow. The French National Library holds a version with a French title page (Calligraphie arménienne, Paris, 1853).
Եղ. Պատկանեան, e.g. Yegh. Patkanian. Հայկական Նշանագրեր, e.g. Haykakan nshanagrer hart’akari hamar [Armenian characters for sewing]. Tbilisi, Georgia: Mn. Martirosiants, ca. 1880. Contact Special Collections Armenian 1880
Levonyan, Garegin Djivaniu, 1872-1947. Haykakan Vochayin Tarreri Vorinakner [Characters of Armenian Vocal Letters]. Erevan: Haypethrat, 1936. Contact Special Collections Armenian 1936
Mnats’akanian, Genrikh Karapetovich. Հայկական գեղարվեստական եվ տպագրական տաṛատեսակներ, e.g. Haykakan gegharvestakan ev tpagrakan tarratesakner [Armenian artistic and printing types]. Erevan: Haypethrat, 1955. Contact Special Collections Armenian 1955
Gortsakalyan, H.N. Armianskie shrifty (1973) Contact Special Collections Armenian 1973
Azerbaidzhanskoe Gosudarstvennoe Izdatel’stvo “AZGIZ” [Azerbaijan State Publisher “AZGIZ”]. Obraztsy shriftov tipografii AZGIZ’a [Specimens of typefaces of the Azerbaijan State Publisher, AZGIZ]. Baku: Azerbaijan State Publisher, 1927. Contact Special Collections Azerbaijani 1927 The book reflects the varied linguistic needs of the region, the bulk being in Russian, with several pages of Arabic, Latin Azeri, and just three lines of Armenian script on one of the later pages. Also included are various Russian decorative cuts, large sizes, and ornamental frames and borders.
Bock Ngar Chy Co. ([San Francisco, c. 1930s]). Contact Special Collections Chinese 1930s
Katalog pismena [Catalog of letters]. Zagreb: Grafički zavod hrvatske, 1967. [175 leaves] Contact Special Collections Croatian 1967 Contains the following typefaces: Plantin Latin and Cyrillic, Times, Bodoni, Baskerville, Aktuel, Gill, Super Grotesk, Grotesk Narrow, Memphis, Rockwel.
Katalog pismena [Catalog of letters]. Zagreb: Grafički zavod hrvatske, 1967. [280 leaves] Contact Special Collections Croatian 1967 Contains the following typefaces: Aster, Baskerville, Excelsior Latin and Cyrillic, Garamond, Simplicitas, Super-Buch Grotesk, and Žurnal Latin and Cyrillic.
Předlohy písem psaných, kreslených a ozdobných [Sample patterns for written, drawn, and decorative letters]. Contact Special Collections Czech 1918-1930
Wellner, Karel. Cesta k modernímu ornamentu (Prague: Borský a Šulc, 1923). 740.9 W452c SpecColP Quarto Czech 1923
Knihtiskárna K. Mašín, Kladno, Poděbradova ul. (Printing Office of K. Mašín in Kladno, on Poděbradova Street). Všem našim váženým příznivcům v Novém roce… Ukázka sazby a tisku královských typů “Garamond” [To all our esteemed clients in the New Year… An sample of typesetting and printing using the Royal fonts of “Garamond”]. Kladno: Knihtiskárna K. Mašín, ca. 1925. Contact Special Collections Czech 1925 Issued as a New Year’s greeting to the clients of the firm of Karel Mašín (1869-1958), which was founded in 1924 and existed until 1945.
Vzorník písem české grafické unie A. S. V Praze II [Typographic specimen book of the Czech Graphic Union in Prague 2]. Prague, 1925. Contact Special Collections Czech 1925
Grégr. Písma Ozdoby. Phaha (Prague), Czech Republic: Grégr a Syn, n.d., but circa 1925 Contact Special Collections Czech 1925
Prumyslové. Písma. Praha (Prague), Czech Republic: Prumyslové Tiskárny, n.d., but circa 1925 Contact Special Collections Czech c. 1925
Vzorník písem “Grafiky” dělnického družstva tiskařského v Plzni [Typographic specimen book of the “Grafika” workers§ cooperative printing enterprise in Pilsen]. Plzeň : Grafika Dělnické družstvo tiskařské, ca. 1926-1937. Contact Special Collections Czech 1926-1937
V tmách. Sbírka desíti básní slepých autoru. Obálku upravil odb. učitel Jar. Pozdník [In the darkness. Collection of ten poems by blind authors. Wrappers by teacher Jar. Pozdnik]. Brno: Podpurný spolek samostatných slepcu, ca. 1930. Contact Special Collections Czech 1930 A collection of ten poems by blind authors to raise money for the Support League of the Independent Blind, based in Brno. The poems are printed using tiny round pins and Latin letter forms instead of special scripts, such as Braille or Moon. With a folding leaf explaining the rationale behind the collection, which was apparently sent to potential purchasers with a request for donations: “this publication will enable you a glimpse into the inner life of the blind and will enrich your library with a book in blind font.” According to the note, the entire production process, including printing and binding, was carried out by unemployed blind.
Vzorník písem knihtiskárny Typus. Praha XVI., Holečkova 26 [Type specimen book of the Typus bookprinting company. Prague XVI, Holečkova Street 26]. Prague: Typus, ca. 1930. Contact Special Collections Czech 1930 The book is divided into five sections, containing machine printing, leaflet printing, poster printing and foreign fonts, mathematical characters, and various symbols. It also contains several larger woodcut poster fonts.
Vzorník písem grafických závodů Pour a spol. V Praze I, Bílkova 15 a 17 [A specimen of typefaces of the graphic factory of Pour and co., Prague, Bílkova Street 15 and 17]. Prague: Nákladem a tiskem vlastního závodu [Venta], ca. 1930. Contact Special Collections Czech 1930 Features a range of fonts, includings Nonpareille Pressa Antique, Borgis Pressa, Bodoni, Garmond, Saskia, Schneidler Antiqua, Belve, Koralle, Venus, Watteau, Gnom, Atrax, Sorbona, Haiduk, many of them uniquely Czech. Also included are several pages of initial letters, and twenty leaves of wooden fonts, including some large letter shapes.
M. Bureš. Vzorník pisem [A specimen of typefaces]. Prague: M. Bureš, ca. 1930. Contact Special Collections Czech 1930 Features a wide range of fonts, including decorative cuts, larger sizes, and ornamental frames and borders, as well as some rather odd vignettes, including bishops, harlequins, fish, pigs, and steaming plates of meat and sausages.
Šembera, Jan. Písmo: příručka pro každého obzvláště pro žactvo [Lettering: a manual for everyone, and especially students]. Brno: self-published, 1930. Contact Special Collections Czech 1930
[Pramen]. Vzorník písma. ca. 1930. Contact Special Collections Czech 1930
Nemec. Vzorník Písem a Ornamentu. Praha (Prague), Czech Republic: Nemec a Spol., n.d., but circa 1935 Contact Special Collections Czech 1935
Melantrich. Vzorník Písem. Brno, Czech Republic: Melantrich, n.d., but circa 1935 Contact Special Collections Czech c. 1935
DK. Vzorník Písma. N.P.: DK, n.d., but circa 1935 Contact Special Collections Czech c. 1935
Impressa. Vzorník Písma. Praha (Prague), Czech Republic: Impressa Tisk. Spol., n.d., but circa 1935 Contact Special Collections Czech c. 1935
Grégr. Vzorník Písem. Praha (Prague), Czech Republic: Grégr a Syn, n.d., but circa 1945 Contact Special Collections Czech c. 1945
Vzorník písma. (Prague: Tiská́rny Mlada fronta, [between 1945 and 1965?]). Contact Special Collections Czech c. 1945-1965
Písma. Západomoravské tiskárny n. p. Brno, závod 09 Havličkův Brod [Fonts. West-Moravian Printing Factory, nationalized enterprise, Brno, factory 09 in Havličkův Brod]. Havličkův Brod, ca. 1948-1952 Contact Special Collections Czech 1948-1952 Among the typefaces presented are many standard fonts, such as Garamond, News Ideal, Baskerville, and Bodoni, but the sampler also includes a large section of “poster fonts” consisting of samples printed from the original wooden type forms, with some letter shapes measuring up to 8 inches
Vzorník písem: obchodní tiskárny Melantrich národní podnik. (Prague: Melantrich, 1949). 655.244 M517v 1949 SpecColP Czech 1949
Graficke tiskarny. Vzornik pisem (Prague: Graficke tiskarny, c. 195) 655.244 G736v 195-? SpecColP Czech 1950s
Vzorník Písem. Statni tiskarna… (Prague, 1951) Contact Special Collections Czech 1951
Vzorník Písem. (Prague, Czechoslovakia): Státni Tiskárna, 1951 Contact Special Collections Czech 1951
Vzorník písem / Státní tiskárna 01, závod Unie.([Prague]: Státní tiskárna, 1951). 655.244 S797v 1951 SpecColP Quarto Czech 1951
Písma Průmyslové tiskárny. ([Prague]: [Průmyslová tiskárna], [1955?]). 655.244 P971p [1955?] SpecColP Czech 1955?
Němeček, Zdeněk. Písmo ve výkladní skříni [Fonts in shop displays]. Prague: Vydavatelství obchodu, 1962. Contact Special Collections Czech 1962
Zorník Písma. (Prague, Czechoslovakia): Krusnohorské Tiskárny, n.d. Contact Special Collections Czech date unknown
Vzorník Písem. Praha (Prague), Czechoslovakia: A.J. Votruba a Syn, n.d. Contact Special Collections Czech date unknown
Zorník Písma. (Prague, Czechoslovakia): J. Pávek a Spol., n.d. Contact Special Collections Czech date unknown
Vzorník písem knihtiskárny Orbis. (Prague: Orbis, 1932). 655.244 O643v 1932 SpecColP Quarto Czech 1932
Vzorník Písem. Praha (Prague), Czechoslovakia: MIR, n.d. Contact Special Collections Czech date unknown
Titulkova Pisma. (Prava (Prague), Czechoslovakia: Rudé Právo), n.d. Contact Special Collections Czech date unknown
Vzorník Písem. Praha (Prague), Czechoslovakia: Knihtiskarny Orbis, n.d. Contact Special Collections Czech date unknown
Vzorník Písem. Praha (Prague), Czechoslovakia: Svoboda, n.d. Contact Special Collections Czech date unknown
Book of Georgian monogram specimens. Tbilisi, 1894 Contact Special Collections Georgian 1894
N. Bezhuashvili and I. M. Ruppis Mier. Asota shript’ebis albomi [Album of lettering fonts]. ასოთა შრიფტების ალბომი : სახელმძღვ. ტეხნიკოს-მხაზველთათვის. 1943. Tbilisi: Gamots. Sakhelm. Kaghaldis Damzadebeli Eksp’editsiisa, [1919]. Contact Special Collections Georgian 1919 Georgian lettering sample book, containing elaborate Georgian letter shapes. The book only features Georgian letters (no Cyrillic or Armenian script).
Obraztsy shriftov, ukrashenii, ornamentov… ([Tbilisi], [1921-1922]) Contact Special Collections Georgian 1921-1922 The first leaf features the sample text: “Long live the leader of the world-wide proletarian revolution Lenin!” followed by “And how shamefully the Menshevik government ran away!” The specimen also contains several leaves of Georgian and Armenian script.
Sakhelgamis bech’dviti sit’q’vis k’ombinat’i. Kombinat pechati Sakhelgami [Sakhelgami printing concern]. Shript’ebis nimushebi. Obraztsy shriftov kombinata pechati Sakhelgami [Specimens of fonts of the Sakhelgami printing concern]. Tbilisi: Sakhelgami, 1940. Contact Special Collections Georgian 1940
Mikeladze, inzh. M. D. Shrifty dlia nadpisei na chertezhakh [Fonts for lettering on designs]. Edited by V. O. Gordon. Tbilisi: „Tsodna“, 1957. Contact Special Collections Georgian 1957
Leaf, Reuben (Lifshits). Hebrew Alphabets 400 B. C. To Our Days. New York: Reuben Leaf Studio, 1950. 492.411 L434h SpecColP Quarto Hebrew 1950
Niego, Sh. (or Niago). כתב טכני : חוברת עזר ללימוד ותרגול כתב טכני המשמש בשרטוטים טכניים Ketav ṭekhni : ḥoveret ʻezer li-lemod ṿe-targul ketav ṭekhni ha-meshamesh be-śirṭuṭim tekhniyim [Technical Writing: A reference book for teaching and practicing technical writing used in technical drawings]. Tel Aviv: Miśrad ha-ḥinukh ṿeha-tarbut, ha-Piḳuaḥ ʻal ha-ḥinukh ha-ḳedem ha-miḳtsoʻi, 1964. Contact Special Collections Hebrew 1964
Madras Type Foundry. Lining types and ornaments. Madras (India), 1933. 655.244 M183L SpecColP India 1933
Gujarati Type Foundry. Type book. Bombay, [1937] 655.244 G969t 1937 SpecColP India 1937
Ōnuma, Tomoyuki. Eibun zuan monoguramushu [English styles of monograms]. Tokyo: Sosaku zuan kankokai, 1933. Small quarto (26.9 × 19.8 cm). Contact Special Collections Japanese 1933
Ōnuma, Tomoyuki. Shinshiki zuan moji [New styles of writing]. Ōsaka: Taishūdō, Shōwa 11 [1936]. Small quarto (26.5 × 19.7 cm). Contact Special Collections Japanese 1936 A compendium introducing a range of modern lettering fonts for Japanese Kanji and Hiragana scripts, apparently inspired by the author’s interest in Western Art Deco styles. Each character is drawn within a measured chart, allowing for easy tracing and replication.
ترجمان خطوط عثمان [Tarjuman khutut othmani / Interpreter of Ottoman Lines]. [Istanbul]: 1297 [1881]. Contact Special Collections Ottoman 1881
Hadji Mahmud (Mehmed). ى چشيدلر [Yazi cheshidlari]. 1347 (1928). مطبعه ثبات Istanbul: Sabat Matbaasi. Contact Special Collections Ottoman 1928
St. Jacewicz and Tadeusz Raciborski. Wzory pism dla użytku szkół, techników i kartografów [Type specimens for the use of schools, technical colleges, and cartographers]. Warsaw: Główny Urząd Pomiarów Kraju, 1949. Contact Special Collections Polish 1949
Bem, Stanisław. Wzory pism do nauki i wykonywania napisów na mapach i rysunkach technicznych [Type specimens for the sciences and cartographic legends]. Warsaw: Państ. Przedsiębiorstwo Wydawnictw Kartograficznych, 1977. Contact Special Collections Polish 1977
Slovolitni͡a O.I. Lemana.Obrazt͡sy slovolitni O.I. Lemana v S.-Peterburgi͡e. ([Saint Petersburg]: Tip. Shredera, [1889?]) Contact Special Collections Russian 1889
Sbornik ob’iavlenii torgovykh firm i promyshlennykh zavedenii: kalendar’ i adres-kalendar’ goroda Ekaterinodara. (Ekaterinodara [i.e. Krasnodar]: E. Kilius i Ko, 1890). 655.244 K484s 1890 SpecColP Russian 1890
Aktsionernoe obshchestvo Slovolitni O. I. Leman. Obraztsy shriftov slovolitni O. I. Leman [Specimens of the typefoundry of O. I Leman]. St. Petersburg: O. I. Leman, [1903]. Contact Special Collections Russian 1903
Pechatnia A. L. Budo, Moskva [A. L. Budo printers, Moscow]. Obraztsy shriftov i ukrashenii [Specimens of typefaces and ornaments]. 1911 catalog. Moscow: Pechatnia A. L. Budo, 1911. Contact Special Collections Russian 1911 The catalog describes the (electrically powered) printing machines in use at the Moscow office, with full-page pictures and descriptions, followed by a section of text fonts and another section on title and occasional fonts, including larger size samples. Finally, three pages of ornaments, mathematical symbols, and related icons.
O.I. Leman Type Foundry. Aktsionernoe obshchestvo… (c. 1912) Contact Special Collections Russian 1912
Evseev, I. E. Obraztsy shriftov kruglago (ronde), goticheskago, frakturnago, batard, slavianskago i drug… posobie dlia uchashchikhsia i dlia samoobucheniia. 8-e izdanie [Type specimens of fonts including round (ronde), Gothic, Fraktur, Batarde, Slavonic and others… A manual for students and self-study. Eighth edition]. Moscow: Izd. V. V. Dumnov, 1918. Contact Special Collections Russian 1918
Izvlechenie iz knigi shriftov (Moscow: Izd. Tresta Poligraf, 1925) Contact Special Collections Russian 1925
Tipografiī͡a “Krasnyi ̆Gazety.” Obrazt͡sy i shriftov i ukrashenii͡a. (Moscow: Tipografiī͡a “Krasnyi ̆Gazety” imeni V. Volodarskii, 1925). 655.244 K898o 1925 SpecColP Russian 1925
Katalog dereviannykh shriftov (Moscow: TsUP VSNKh, 1926). Contact Special Collections Russian 1926 A Soviet type specimen book which showcases Cyrillic wooden fonts carved from pear wood by the VSNKh Poligraf concern. These wooden types are often large; in some cases one or two letter shapes fill an entire leaf. They were intended for use in banners and posters. In total, the catalog lists 486 different fonts: regular types, “eastern” specimens, including Arabic and Hebrew, borders, corners, and other decorative elements, including Soviet symbols.
Obraztsy shriftov [Specimens of typefaces]. [Moscow]: Tipografiia pri Moskovskom taganskom dome zakliuchenniia – Glavumzak, 1926. Contact Special Collections Russian 1926 A specimen book published by a printer’s shop attached to the Moscow Taganka Prison. The sample text, produced by prisoners, includes statements such as “Long live freedom!” and “Oh love, how mean you are in prison.”
Obrazt͡sy i shriftov i ukrasheniī. (Moscow: Tipografiī͡a Redakt͡sionno-izdatelʹskiĭotdel, 1926). 655.244 R312o 1926 SpecColP Russian 1926
Louda, Zdenĕk. O písmu. Úvod k poznání výtvarné krásy písma (Moscow: Tipografiia Voenno-Kartograficheskogo Otdela…, 1926). 655.244 Z399o 1924 SpecColP Russian 1926
Obraztsy shriftov voenno-kartograficheskogo otdela V.T.U (Moscow: Tipografiia Voenno-Kartograficheskogo Otdela…, 1926). Contact Special Collections Russian 1926
Obraztsy Shriftov [Type specimens]. Moskva, Tipografiia Avioizdatel’stva, 1926. Contact Special Collections Russian 1926 A specimen book produced by a seemingly obscure press that published books about aircraft.
David Abramovich Pisarevskii. Shrifty i ikh postroenie [Typefaces and their formation]. (Leningrad: Izdanie avtora, 1927). Contact Special Collections Russian 1927
I.G. Egorov. 100 obraztsov khudozhestvennogo shrift dlia chertezhei, planov, diagram, zhivopisi, reklam, plakatov [100 specimens of artistic type for sketches, draughts, diagrams, paintings, advertisements, posters]. [Tver:] Izdanie avtora, 1927. 655.1089178 P675s SpecColP Russian 1927
Obraztsy shriftov tipografii imeni Evgenii Sokolovoi [Specimens of typefaces of the Evgeniia Sokolova printer’s shop]. Leningrad: Gosudarstvennyi Trest Lenpoligraf, 1930. Contact Special Collections Russian 1930
Obraztsy shriftov voenno-kartograficheskogo otdela V.T.U (Moscow: Tipografiia Voenno-Kartograficheskogo Otdela…, 1930). Contact Special Collections Russian 1930
Obraztsy shriftov. Izdanie Tipografii Gidr. Uprava [Specimens of typefaces. Published by the Printer’s Shop of the Hydrographic Administration of the Red Army Naval Force]. [Leningrad]: Tipografiia Gidr. Upr. U.V.-M. Sil RKKA, 1932. Contact Special Collections Russian 1932 A specimen produced by a print shop associated with the Soviet navy.
Tipografiia fabriki belovykh tovarov “Svetoch” [Typography of the stationery factory “The Torch”]. Obraztsy shriftov [Specimens of typefaces]. Leningrad: Tipografiia fabriki belovykh tovarov “Svetoch”, 1939. Contact Special Collections Russian 1939
Obraztsy shriftov krupnokegel’nykh, linotipnykh, ruchnykh [Specimens of typefaces: large sizes, Linotype, and manual faces]. Leningrad: Izdatel’stvo Leningradskogo Obkoma i Gorkoma KPSS Lenizdat, 1959. Contact Special Collections Russian 1959
Katalog mashinskikh i ruchnikh slova. Izdavachko preduzeche “Kultura” [A catalog of type specimens for manual and machine setting. Publishing enterprise “Kultura”]. [Belgrade]: Izdavačko preduzeće “Kultura”, [ca. late 1940s/early 1950s]. Contact Special Collections Serbian 1940s/1950s
Severoslovenských Tlačiarní. Vzorník Písma. (Martine, Slovakia: Severoslovenske Tiaciarni, 1955). 655.244 S498v 1955 SpecColP Slovak 1955
Kotliarov, A. A. Obraztsy khudozhestvennykh shriftov i ramok dlia chertezhei, planov i diagramm [Specimens of creative typefaces and borders for drafts, plans, and diagrams]. Kiev: self-published (Kyiv-Druk), 1927. Contact Special Collections Ukranian 1927 Includes “Ukrainian” fonts and poster fonts. Intended as a guide for lettering on maps, diagrams, etc.
Butenin, V. I. Shrifty, ramki, ukrasheniia [Fonts, borders, decorative elements]. Tashkent: “Tashkantskul’tprom”, 1957. Contact Special Collections Uzbek 1957