rewilding space, a room where the walls are clear

Rewilding: Alive in the Churn

October - December 2021

Rewilding: Alive in the Churn, PPL's fall exhibit, will open on Wednesday, October 13th. A collaborative project between PVD Young Makers and Providence Public Library, Rewilding: Alive in the Churn will transform the Library's exhibition gallery into an interactive biome for artists and experimenters, creating a physical and virtual space that is iterative, collaborative, and ever-changing. Join us to explore, experience, and experiment with ways of being in a world that is in flux.


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PPL’s Fall Exhibition Rewilding: Alive in the Churn Is an Interactive Installation that Explores the Creative Potential of a World in Constant Change

Rewilding: Alive in the Churn is a collaborative, interactive installation curated by artist Kotone Deguchi and co-produced by PVD Young Makers (PVDYM) and Providence Public Library (PPL). The installation is located physically in PPL’s new 3rd floor Joan T. Boghossian Gallery and digitally on various platforms. Now open and evolving through December 17, Rewilding: Alive …

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