History Hijinks Book Club at PPL

Book Clubs at PPL

Tuesday Brown Bag Book Club at PPL!

This group meets the last Tuesday of every month from 12 -1 pm. Beginning September 28, 2021, meetings will be held at the Library in our new Workshop Classroom. Join us...all are welcome! Contact Bonnie Lilienthal at 455-8025 to register or email blilienthal@provlib.org.

History Hijinks Book Club at PPL

Meets the 1st Monday of the month, unless otherwise noted.
Registration required.
7:00 - 8:00 pm 
Meeting via Zoom until further notice. All are welcome.
To register, email or call Anne Mulready: annemulready@aol.com; 401-453-6163.

Check PPL's Calendar for ongoing schedule.

This group meets on the first Monday of each month.  The group will be reading the following books in the upcoming months:

March: Nothing Like it in the World: The Men Who Built the Transcontinental Railroad 1863- 1869 by Stephen Ambrose.

April: The Last Stand: Custer, Sitting Bull and the Battle of Little Bighorn by Nathaniel Philbrick.

May: The Tycoons:  How Andrew Carnegie, John D Rockefeller, Jay Gould, and JP Morgan Invented the American Supereconomyby Charles R. Morris.

June: A Godly Hero:  The Life of William Jennings Bryan by Michael Kazin.

The Nature of Things Book Club at PPL

This group meets the last Wednesday of every month from 7 - 8 pm virtually, until further notice. Join us...all are welcome!

Are you curious by nature?
Do you wonder about the world around you?

Join the NOTBC to explore our fascinating world and discover all there is to know! Members choose non-fiction titles to pique our curiosity and lead us to amazing discoveries.

Current, past, and upcoming titles can be found here. Chat continues on the book club's private Discord server. Register below or email ttran@provlib.org for more info.