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Don't Stop The Music

April - June 2015

Melody and song, music and music making has been at the heart of Rhode Island since the very beginning.

Providence Public Library has created a multifaceted exhibition and program series to celebrate and honor Rhode Island’s long musical history. We have mined our rich historical collections of music and have collaborated with local musicians and organizations, scholars and performing groups to bring a unique educational and inspirational experience to the Rhode Island community.

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Don't Stop The Music Poster

Don't Stop The Music

A brief timeline of the history of music in Rhode Island

This poster is a visual encapsulation of the research for Providence Public Library's Don't Stop The Music! 2015 spring exhibit and program series, based on primary sources and the work of local historians. The poster is 21.75"x32", drawn by Jim Reynolds and silkscreened on archival blend French paper at AS220. This is a limited edition of 200 prints.

If you purchase this poster online, we will ship it to you. If you prefer to pick it up in person, visit the library during our regular hours to buy one and save on shipping. We will also be selling the poster at many of our Don't Stop the Music Events events until they are sold out.

By purchasing this unique poster, you'll have supported the research and coordinated community effort that goes into exhibits like this, as well as the series of live music at Providence Public Library. Keep music live!

Price: $15 | Shipping: $5