Picturing the Pandemic: Images from the Pandemic Journaling Project and the Rhode Island COVID-19 Archive

March 22 - June 30, 2023

3/2020: Municipalities around the US go into lockdown due to COVID-19. The Pandemic Journaling Project is founded by anthropologists from Brown University and the University of Connecticut to virtually collect documentation of pandemic life from people around the globe.

In Rhode Island, PPL and the RI Historical Society partner to create the RI COVID-19 Archive, encouraging residents to document and contribute their experiences of COVID to this virtual public archive.

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Both projects are created with the belief that every person has something valuable to contribute to the documented history of the pandemic. Even those who might not be reflected in news media accounts, medical statistics, or other governmental data, and that the very practice of documenting personal experiences can strengthen the voices of individual contributors as well as those of their communities.

Picturing the Pandemic brings together contributions from both projects, and asks, how can images - making them, looking at them, thinking with them - expand our capacity for self-recognition, empathy, and communal care?


Some questions to consider when viewing the exhibition

What is your first memory of COVID, and what makes it a “COVID” memory?

Is there a word or phrase that describes your journey from that moment to now?

Has the pandemic affected your sense of connection to others? If so, how?

What’s one pandemic experience you would want to relive, and why?

What are you most worried that people - including you - will forget about this time?

Exhibition Opening

Wednesday, March 22, 5 - 6:30pm
Joan T. Boghossian Gallery (3rd floor)

Join us for an evening of opening events for Picturing the Pandemic: Images from the Pandemic Journaling Project and the Rhode Island COVID-19 Archive. The opening is free and open to the public; registration is greatly appreciated.

Activities will include a conversation with founders of both archival projects, along with on-site opportunities for attendees to personally explore, reflect upon, and document their own experiences of the past three years, how those have brought them to the present, and/or how they are thinking about the future. These reflections can be kept private, or the documentation can be shared and become part of the physical exhibition and the virtual archives.


Sponsors and Partners

Biblioteca Daniel Cosío Villegas

Brown University Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology

Brown University Population Studies and Training Center

Brown University School of Public Health

Brown University Swearer Center

Connecticut/Baden-Württemberg Human Rights Research Consortium

El Colegio de México

Hartford Public Library

JP Couture, Architect, Inc.

Mark Twain Center for Transatlantic Relations

Mellon Foundation

New England Humanities Consortium

Pandemic Journaling Project

Providence Public Library

Rhode Island COVID-19 Archive

Rhode Island Council for the Humanities

Rhode Island Historical Society

University of Connecticut Human Rights Institute

University of Connecticut Humanities Institute

University of Connecticut Hartford

University of Connecticut College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

University of Connecticut Global Affairs

University of Connecticut Office of the Vice President for Research

University of New Hampshire Center for Public Humanities

Graphics by Lois Harada