Data for Good

Data for Good

An initiative linking data professionals to agencies in need

PPL, in partnership with Tableau®, launched its “Data for Good” initiative in April 2019.

Using our quarterly meetings of the Rhode Island Tableau Users Group (RITUG) as an engine for social good, we are able to match the data science skills of professionals across many sectors with non-profit and government agencies that lack staff expertise in these areas.

Non-profits looking for help gaining insight from their data and data professionals interested in volunteering time for social good are invited to contact Bill Rebello or Christopher Bourret.

Completed Data for Good projects:


April 2021 --Rhode Island Salt Pond Coalition

The Rhode Island Salt Pond Coalition is to protect and enhance the health of the salt ponds for the benefit of wildlife and people.


January 2021 -- Women's Fund of Rhode Island

The Women's Fund of Rhode Island's mission is invest in women and girls through research, advocacy, grant-making and strategic partnerships designed to achieve gender equity though systemic change.

Women’s Well Being Index

November 2019 -- Hope's Harvest Rhode Island

Hope's Harvest RI is a non-profit organization that mobilizes volunteers to rescue produce from farms that would be typically plowed under to be sent to food pantries across the state.

Hope's Harvest by the numbers - an overview
Farms to Agencies
Geographic Crop Distribution
Hope's Harvest - Pounds donated, rescued, distributed

September 2019 -- Inspiring Minds

Volunteer Education Analysis
Interesting Insights
Top 100 Words
Students ID
Volunteer Educational Level
STAR Score Improvement, Math & Reading
STAR Score Improvement by Year
BIMAS vs Volunteer Education
Volunteer Ratings for Inspiring Minds Encounters

April 2019 -- Rhode Island Office of Innovation

Open Textbook Initiative

Ongoing Data for Good Projects:

November 2019 -- Institute for Non-Violence

January 2020 -- Rhode Island Salt Pond Coalition