Learning Lounges


A Learning Lounge is a physical or virtual space dedicated to providing adults with ‘just-in-time’ access to high-quality online or digital resources in a welcoming environment where staff are available to assist individuals. See ‘Virtual Learning Lounges’ below to learn more.

Learning Lounges help adults:

  • access digital and community resources to increase their literacy and numeracy skills
  • complete online employment and college applications
  • create resumes
  • learn and practice English
  • build technology and career readiness skills

Learning Lounges can be staffed by educators, librarians or volunteers who have experience or training in facilitating adult learning. The role of staff is to circulate and provide individual or small group assistance in using online or digital resources that can help participants meet their learning or job readiness goals.

In addition to technical support, staff might also provide well-informed personal referrals to local social, employment, or educational services, or administer assessments related to vocational training or digital literacy. Adults are welcomed to visit Learning Lounges as often as they need to accomplish their goals.

Virtual Learning Lounges

Due to individual needs and privacy concerns, virtual Learning Lounge services are best provided as one-on-one sessions. Staff can meet with learners one-on-one by appointment or put learners into separate virtual break-out rooms.

The concept of virtual learning lounges originated in March of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, libraries might decide to continue to offer virtual Learning Lounge services in addition to in-person services to accommodate the needs of learners. For example, learners may need help preparing a resume but their work schedule doesn’t permit them to get to the physical location of the library during Learning Lounge hours.

Certain basic conditions for success need to be in place to support the effective implementation of Mobile Learning.  After considering the elements below, you can use this Self-Assessment tool to reflect on your current capacity and determine which elements are strong or need strengthening.

Conditions for Success

Implementation Examples

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Pilot Library

Pilot Library


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